Your employees’ hard work goes beyond your walls.

Research suggests that 20 percent (or more) of your empoyees are caring for a loved one who is aging or has special needs back at home.

Who is caring for them?

Your organization can’t afford to ignore the effects of caregiver burnout:

Increased Turnover Rates


of caregivers leave their employer

Decreased Levels of Diversity


of caregivers are women

Drastic Mental Health Impacts


of caregivers are facing clinical depression and anxiety

Finally! A new benefit to address soaring turnover and improve employee well-being

Homethrive’s proven solution, Dari by Homethrive, provides your empoyees the support they need, however (and whenever) they need it.

A happier, healthier workforce is right around the corner:

Support Talent Strategy

80% reduction in voluntary turnover, 100% of employees feel more supported

Unprecedented Empolyee Engagement

88% of enrollees use Dari, with roughly 30% active on any given month

Increased Productivity & Presenteeism

16.4% work hours saved per employee per month

Improved Employee Well-Being

98% of employees report feeling the same or reduced levels of stress

The challenges are endless, but Homethrive is here to help!

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