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How much is suboptimal surgery costing your company?

More than you think.

Protect your people, protect your plans with the Goldfinch Surgery Experience

Get employees back to work and life in half the time

prevent your next high-cost claimant

prevent your next high-cost claimant

The Goldfinch Surgery Experience

A revolutionary new employee benefit that works within your existing insurance network to help ensure your people never receive a suboptimal surgery

Access to Enhanced Surgical Pathways

Fast tracks your people to recovery, minimizes opioid use and lowers the risk of infection and reoperation

Guidance from a Goldfinch Nurse Navigator

Safeguards that there are NO “I wish I had knowns” throughout the surgery and recovery process

Focus on Patient Outcomes That Matter

Saved days in returning your people to work and life is our Primary metric of success

How it Works


Pick a Plan

PEPM or Case Rate – whichever works best for your budget


Embed Goldfinch

At any point in the year, establish a pre-certification feed to Goldfinch and we’ll take care of the rest


Get Immediate Results

See measurable results after your first Goldfinch case

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